The Warren Center’s New Recess Program is a huge success

The Warren Center launched its new Recess Program to provide parents with the opportunity to take a break! Parents are able to drop their child off and go out to dinner, run errands or just go take a nap – whatever it is that will help them recharge!

The Recess program is offered once a month for three hours at The Warren Center in Carrollton, Richardson, and Garland. The child care services are provided by trained volunteers and staff members.

“The program has been a great success. We have had many stories of families who have never had an opportunity to leave their children in the knowledgeable hands of others so they can get a reprieve from the demands of raising their special needs children. Some families didn’t know how their children would do in this setting away from their parents. However, the children have had fun and it has been a good experience to be around their peers. Lots of smiling faces and requests to return. I think we are providing a much needed service for our families,” Stephanie Martin, Recess Program Coordinator said.

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